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Meaning of Spring Festival for Chinese

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Meaning of Spring Festival for Chinese

Lion dancers perform below the gate of Beijing's Temple of the Earth at the opening ceremony of the annual fair Sunday, Feb. 10, 2002. 
Spring Festival has a long history in China, and has become a part of Chinese culture. However, people of different generations have different views on it. Our reporter Liao Jibo interviewed three generations of a family in Jiangxi province to learn more.

Liao Yunzhu is a 76-year-old man who lives in a village in east China's Jiangxi province. As Chinese New Year approaches, he goes to the market almost every day, although he has to walk miles in the mountain to get there.

"I would go to the market to see what I could buy there, the same way as I have done for all the Spring Festivals in the past. Things are more expensive this year as the prices have risen a lot. But I will still buy as many of all the things we need as I bought in the past years."

In the eyes of a grandpa and a father, the Spring Festival preparation for Liao Yunzhu is all about buying food and gifts for his younger generation and waiting for them return home, though it's not a certain thing this year.

"I got plenty of things that my children and grandchildren love to eat so they can enjoy them during the Chinese New Year. They have not confirmed yet whether they will come back or not, and they can only make decision in the very day before the Spring Festival. No matter what, I've prepared everything, and it is a must. I am already old and anticipate their return so much every year as it is a precious chance for family gathering."

Meanwhile, his second son, Liao Lingen, is busy preparing to return home in a nearby county.

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