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Funny New Year's Day customs

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Presenting fragments of glasses or dishes to friends

On New Year's Eve in Denmark, people will take fragments of glasses or dishes that were broken in the past to the doormat of friends' homes trying not to be noticed. The more the fragments a family has in front of the door the next morning, the more friends that family has. It indicates that the family will have good luck in the New Year.

Smashing things like bottles and basins

In some parts of Italy, people will throw broken stuff like bottles, jars and basins out of the window at midnight on New Year's Eve to greet the New Year, so you have to watch out if you walk on the street.

Drink up all the wines left for good luck

As the New Year approaches, French people will drink up all the wine left at home. Some of them will be as drunk as a sailor. They believe that they will have bad luck if they still have wine at home after New Year's Day.

Eating grapes in the dead of night

Spanish families get together on New Year's Eve. At 12 am when the church bell rings, they will compete to eat grapes. They must eat one grape after each bell rings, so they have to swallow 12 grapes in a row so as to have a happy New Year.


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