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Santa Claus' Village in Rovaniemi

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Santa Claus' Village
Santa Claus' Village

The Santa Claus' Village is at the Arctic Circle 8 km north of Rovaniemi. Tourists flock in an endless stream from around the world to see the elegance of Santa Claus every year. The Santa Claus' Village is a group of wooden structures, including the spire at the main entrance, restaurant, garden, Santa Claus' office, residences, post office, gift shop, elk park, etc. Tents of Lapland people and elks are also very interesting souvenirs. Moreover, you can get a certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle there. There are all sorts of stamps, greeting cards and gifts which are full of fairy-tale colors in the Santa Claus' post office. All letters sent from there are affixed with the stamp of the Arctic Santa Claus' post office. If you hope your letter will arrive at the receiver's letterbox just before Christmas, then you must put your letter into the red mail box. Besides, you can also order a letter signed by Santa Claus personally from the post office and send it to your relative or friend to give them an unexpected pleasure.

There is an elk park encircled by wooden fences on the edge of the forest and there are many beautiful elks there. In summer, they lie lazily on the lawn to rest. In winter, especially at Christmas, they work hard for Santa Claus and tourists and run fast pulling sledges in the snow to let tourists enjoy the pleasure of snowflakes coming onto their faces, experience the happiness and warmth of Christmas and turn the scenes they saw on Christmas cards into reality.